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Merton's New Facilities
Merton Table Tennis Club, is able to offer anyone who becomes a member of the club the opportunity to book a playing, practicing or coaching session throughout the day by using the club's online booking services on this home page. All newcomers to Bournemouth are welcome to come and try out the club's facilities, whether it is the intention to play socially, competitively, or both.
Date: 2022-05-01

A record of table tennis success.
It is with the deepest regret that we have to report the death of Trevor Smith who was a member of Merton Table Tennis Club for over 63 years and became its Life President at the turn of the century.
Trevor Smith's Achievements in the world of Table Tennis.
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Our Club




When to play

Merton is a well established club formed over seventy years ago. Based in St James Institute Southbourne we have a specially equipped hall to the rear of the building providing excellent playing facilities for players of all standards and ages.

With over 100 members the club is one of the largest in the Bournemouth area and currently has 10 representative teams in the Bournemouth League from Division 4 up to the Premier and 2 teams in the Bournemouth Pairs League.

Whether you are a total beginner, a serious competition player, or coming back to the sport, all are equally welcome. If you want to play for a bit of exercise, or just to meet new people and try something new, please get in touch.

Look through our site for more detailed information, if you'd like to get in touch just click on "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page, we'd love you to come along for a knock!
Merton Table Tennis is located in Stourfield Road, Southbourne. The club was set up over 70 years ago. It rents the small hall at the rear of the St James Institute building. It has earned a level 3 membership as a TTE Premier Club, which is re certificated every year. It currently has over 100 members.

It already offers half day opportunities to play table tennis for groups such as over 55’s and other adults, for social TT. These activities are in addition to over 50 players playing competitive TT in the Bournemouth Leagues.

Parking is available in the streets nearby, or in the Council car park two streets away.

The full address is St James Institute, 33a Stourfield Rd, Southbourne,Bournemouth, BH5 2AR
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The room can accommodate up to 4 tables for practice or 2 for competition. The walls are painted in appropriate TTE recommended and approved colours. The flooring is a specially laid non slip sports surface and above the tables the lighting system has been upgrade to above the minimum lux levels, configured especially for table tennis. We are truly spoilt by the quality of our facilities.
St James Institute is a disability friendly building with toilet facilities, access ramps and doorway openings which all comply with current standards.
Everyone is welcome at Merton and we do everything we can to ensure that all players get appropriate access to our facilities.

LEAGUE TABLE TENNIS Tuesday-Thursday evenings during the league season are home match nights. We currently have 10 teams in the Bournemouth League with representatives in each of the 5 divisions and 2 teams in the Bournemouth Pairs League. This season, practice night will be Monday.

JUNOIR TRAINING & PRACTICE Friday 6.00-7.30 is allocated specifically for Juniors wishing to pracrice and receive advice on their technique.

CLUB NIGHT Depending on league commitments, practice night will take place on various nights. Friday nights, from 7.30 onwards, is an open club night when any player can come along to socialise/practice with other club members.

COMPETITIONS Every year, in the spring, the club holds its own competitions, with something for everyone. There are Singles, Doubles, Handicap and even Hardbat events (a blast from the table tennis past that everyone enjoys!!) Similar competitions are held for Juniors and Seniors alike.The club also stages a couple of social table tennis competitions each year, when all sections of the club come together for friendly games of table tennis.

SOCIAL TABLE TENNIS On Wednesday afternoons from 1.30pm to 5.30pm is a session for the over 55's. This group is designed for those who wish to play Social Table Tennis. There is also the opportunity to progress from this group and play in the local leagues. Another Social Group, open to all adults, is available on Friday afternoon from 1.30pm to 5.30pm. Again, there is also the opportunity to progress from this group and play in the local leagues.
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Member Information

Adult Members

Student Members

Social Members

Heart Club

Junior Members

Home Educated Members

Affiliated Members

Information for adult members

This section covers those members who will play in the Bournemouth League, which takes place from September through to March each year. There may be opportunities to play in other leagues at the discretion of the Management Committee.

Information for student members

This section covers any person who is in full time education up to the age of 25. If they are selected to play in any league, their fees will be on the same basis as the junior section.

Information for social members

Social Table Tennis at Merton is offered at several sessions and caters for a variety of memberships. The Wednesday afternoon session is for members over 55 years of age. Another session on Friday afternoon is for any adult who would like to return to playing the game in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. A third session is available for those members who wish to play in a singles format. Men and women are welcome for any session run by the club.

There are three tables available during this session.

All sessions start at 1.30pm pm until 5.30pm.

The first session is a free taster. After that, you can play for £3.00 per week, or become a full member for the current rate per year. Any money paid previously on a weekly basis, will contribute towards the annual fee. Once membership is accepted, there is the added benefit of being able to play on the Friday evening club night. This starts at 7.30 pm and is open to all members. Here you will find players of all abilities, who will be able to help you develop your game, if you so wish.

Heart Ping Pong Activity


To provide patients recovering from heart procedures in the Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch areas, the opportunity to take up Table Tennis [Ping Pong] as a social and gentle activity sport, to supplement their regular cardio fitness regime.


  • To provide one hours gentle ping pong a week, for the patient and their "gym buddy"

  • To provide appropriate help in learning the sport [if needed]

  • To provide a safe, accessible location, and to provide safe table tennis equipment

  • To provide a facility with first aid box, toilets, refreshments and a relaxing area

  • To run the activity according to TTE guidelines

  • To have access to an in house defibrillator

  • To have the activity eventually self-funding at a reasonable costs to the participants

Proposed location

Merton Table Tennis is located in Stourfield Road Southbourne. The club was set up over 80 years ago. It rents the small hall at the rear of the St James Institute building. It has earned a level 3 membership as a TTE Premier Club, which is re-certificated every year. It currently has over 100 members

The Heart session starts at 9.30am to 11.30am.

Professional Recommendations

Table tennis enhances brain function unlike any other sport ( Dr Suzuki, professor of neuroscience and psychology at New York University)

Renowned physician, psychiatrist and brain imaging expert, Dr Daniel Amen, says that "Table Tennis is The World\'s Best Brain Sport"

Table tennis offers moderate-intensity activity, which is good for your heart (British Heart Foundation)

Information for junior members

Merton offer junior training on Friday's, from 6.00 – 7.30pm.

Please note the following; The club will introduce a waiting list for new juniors, if the numbers attending, approach the safety limits, as set out by the committee.

Our ethos is that the cadets and juniors should have fun and enjoy the coaching / training sessions in a safe and friendly environment. Technical coaching / training and match play practice form an integral part of the sessions, as well as regular fun and games opportunities. We can successfully accommodate a wide range of ages and abilities, both for boys and girls.

The Club has achieved 3 Stars in Table Tennis England (TTE) Premier Club Mark accreditation, fully complies with the TTE\'s child safety/ welfare and equity in sport policies.
The club coach has attained UK Sports qualified coaching Certificates for Safeguarding and Protecting Children, Resuscitation, First Aid certificates, Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS), Equity in Coaching, and Disability Awareness.

We prepare coaching / training programmes tailored to the needs and aspirations of the Juniors following both the TTE and Butterfly Coaching manuals. An integral part of our sessions is the opportunity we give the Juniors to play with / against very experienced and successful League players.

If the junior shows an interest in playing in the Bournemouth Leagues, we will be happy to discuss with the parents / guardians to meet the player\'s goals. We will support Junior players through to Town or County Level, if that is appropriate

The goals are to give the cadets and juniors: a fun and safe time; an opportunity to have Table Tennis as a recreational sport for the rest of their life; and to support them fulfilling their Table Tennis goals.

The Club has an arrangement with a table tennis supplier, Bribar, through our coach, which enables members to purchase their bats, rubbers, shirts and shoes, etc, at a discount. Please speak to the coach about your requirements.

Please complete and return the Parental Consent form: DTTA Parental Consent Form 2018-19 01

Information for Home Educated members

This session allows for any child who is educated at home to participate in table tennis as an outlet from their studies.

Information for affiliated members

This section is for those people who play at the club on a Wednesday morning. They do not pay any fee to the Merton Table Tennis Club. Their details are recorded on the club database and the information is also shared with the St. James Institute.
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League Information

Team Results

2021 - 22 teams

Fixtures 2021 - 22

Divisions & Teams

2019 - 20 Pairs Teams

Pairs Fixtures 2019 - 20

Bournemouth Pairs League

Bournemouth League

Summer League

BDTTA Individual Championships 2022

Merton Individual Championship 2022

Bournemouth Pairs League
2019/20 Season
Merton Pairs positions as at
27 May 2022
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Highcliffe Hawks1249
Just Highcliffe1973
Merton Malefactors1755
Merton Maniacs1646
Merton Marauders1527
N/M Romans2311
N/M Vikings1804
Silver Foxes1288
Team Smash2112
Bournemouth League
2019/20 Season
Merton Team positions as at
27 May 2022
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Premier DivisionMerton A5th
Division 1Merton B1st
Merton C7th
Division 2Merton D1st
Merton E10th
Division 3Merton F5th
Merton G5th
Merton H7th
Division 4Merton J10th
Merton K5th
Merton L3rd
Summer League
2019/20 Season
Merton Summer League positions as at
8 Jul 2022
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BDTTA Individual Championships 2019
Merton Individual Championship 2019
2021 - 22 Teams
© denotes team captain.
Merton A (Premier)
Homenight: Monday
Norman Swift©
Mark Smith
Mike Robertson
Chris Witham
Merton B (Div.2)
Homenight: Tuesday
Clayton Fitzpatrick©
Josian Joe Bancoulte
Jon Ferguson
Sam Taylor
Kevan Smith
Merton C (Div.2)
Homenight: Tuesday
Mark Long©
Dan Micle
Alan Solomons
Ian Robertson
Merton D (Div.3)
Homenight: Thursday
John Malins©
John Russell
Chris Renaut
Oliver Smith
Merton E (Div.3)
Homenight: Thursday
Reinhard Lindner©
Russell Smith
Steve Martin
Adrian Bishop
Merton F (Div.4)
Homenight: Wednesday
Andy Knight©
Peter Hughes
Trenton Hendy
Richard Stroud
Merton G (Div.4)
Homenight: Wednesday
Jasmine Gay©
David Blair
Ralf Knochner
Jozsef Lorincz
Merton H (Div.4)
Homenight: Tuesday
Rob Searle©
Graham Blake
Robert Jaswowiak
Russell Yearworth
Merton J (Div.5)
Homenight: Thursday
Martin Foot©
Ryan Taylor
Zaq Chipping
David Chipping
Nabeel Al Sheikhly
Stephen Dalling
Merton K (Div.5)
Homenight: Tuesday
Ron Watson©
Ruth Baverstock
Gaynor Fisher
Helena Holland
Tim Khakhria
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ChairRon Watson
Vice-ChairKevan Smith
TreasurerJohn Malins
General & Membership SecretaryReinhard Lindner
Welfare OfficerGordon White
St James Institute Rep.Ron Watson
Committee MemberChristine Renaut
Committee MemberNorman Swift
Committee MemberChris Witham
Life Members
John Dodwell
Ian Robertson
Jean Smith
Gordon White