Information about our club

Merton is a well established club formed over seventy years ago. Based in St James Institute Southbourne we have a specially equipped hall to the rear of the building providing excellent playing facilities for players of all standards and ages.

With over 100 members the club is one of the largest in the Bournemouth area and currently has 10 representative teams in the Bournemouth League from Division 5 up to the Premier and 2 teams in the Bournemouth Pairs League.

Whether you are a total beginner, a serious competition player, or coming back to the sport, all are equally welcome. If you want to play for a bit of exercise, or just to meet new people and try something new, please get in touch.

Look through our site for more detailed information, if you'd like to get in touch just click on "Contact the club" on the menu on the left, we'd love you to come along for a knock!

The room can accommodate up to 4 tables for practice or 2 for competition. The walls are painted in appropriate TTE recommended and approved colours. The flooring is a specially laid non slip sports surface and above the tables the lighting system has been upgrade to above the minimum lux levels, configured especially for table tennis. We are truly spoilt by the quality of our facilities. St James Institute is a disability friendly building with toilet facilities, access ramps and doorway openings which all comply with current standards.

Everyone is welcome at Merton and we do everything we can to ensure that all players get appropriate access to our facilities.

Tuesday-Thursday evenings during the league season are home match nights. We currently have 10 teams in the Bournemouth League with representatives in each of the 6 divisions and 3 teams in the Bournemouth Pairs League.This season, practice night will be Monday.

Friday 6.00-7.30 is allocated specifically for Junior and Cadet coaching / practice to cater for all standards (see the coaching / training section of the site for more information).

Depending on league commitments, practice night will take place on various nights. Friday nights, from 7.30 onwards, is an open club night when any player can come along to socialise/practice with other club members.

Every year, in the spring, the club holds its own competitions, with something for everyone. There are Singles, Doubles, Handicap and even Hardbat events (a blast from the table tennis past that everyone enjoys!!) Similar competitions are held for Juniors and Seniors alike.The club also stages a couple of social table tennis competitions each year, when all sections of the club come together for friendly games of table tennis.

On Wednesday afternoons from 1.30pm to 5.30pm is a session for the over 55's. This group is designed for those who wish to play Social Table Tennis. There is also the opportunity to progress from this group and play in the local leagues. Another Social Group, open to all adults, is available on Friday afternoon from 1.30pm to 5.30pm. Again, there is also the opportunity to progress from this group and play in the local leagues.

For more information contact Ron Watson, telephone 01202 429642
or email our Chair

Merton Table Tennis is located in Stourfield Road, Southbourne. The club was set up over 70 years ago. It rents the small hall at the rear of the St James Institute building. It has earned a level 3 membership as a TTE Premier Club, which is re certificated every year. It currently has over 100 members.

It already offers half day opportunities to play table tennis for groups such as over 55’s and other adults, for social TT. These activities are in addition to over 50 players playing competitive TT in the Bournemouth Leagues.

Parking is available in the streets nearby, or in the Council car park two streets away.