Heart Ping Pong Activity


To provide patients recovering from heart procedures in the Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch areas, the opportunity to take up Table Tennis [Ping Pong] as a social and gentle activity sport, to supplement their regular cardio fitness regime.


  1. To provide one hours gentle ping pong a week, for the patient and their “gym buddy”

  2. To provide appropriate help in learning the sport [if needed]

  3. To provide a safe, accessible location, and to provide safe table tennis equipment

  4. To provide a facility with first aid box, toilets, refreshments and a relaxing area

  5. To run the activity according to TTE guidelines

  6. To have access to an in house defibrillator

  7. To have the activity eventually self-funding at a reasonable costs to the participants

Proposed location

Merton Table Tennis is located in Stourfield Road Southbourne. The club was set up over 60 years ago. It rents the small hall at the rear of the St James Institute building. It has earned a level 3 membership as a TTE Premier Club, which is re-certificated every year. It currently has over 100 members

The Heart session starts at 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Parking is available in the streets nearby, or in the Council car park two streets away.

Professional Recommendations

Table tennis enhances brain function unlike any other sport ( Dr Suzuki, professor of neuroscience and psychology at New York University)

Renowned physician, psychiatrist and brain imaging expert, Dr Daniel Amen, says that 'Table Tennis is The World's Best Brain Sport!

Table tennis offers moderate-intensity activity, which is good for your heart (British Heart Foundation)